Class Descriptions

Community Care Yoga

The purpose of this class is to use yoga as a tool to find a deeper practice of integrating self- care and mindfulness into our routines. This class is a light hearted, welcoming  and powerful approach to Hatha yoga. 

Everyday we show up as mothers, fathers, teachers, activists, and community allies. We pour our time, and talent into others, without replenishing the source. The sustainability of our communities rely on our ability to show up whole. 

This class is for those looking to expand their personal self-care journey through yoga. For those looking to do something kind for themselves, with a community of like-minded folk.

Thursday @ 7:15pm (Beginning Sept 5)

Family Yoga/Kids Yoga

Baby & Me

Toddler Yoga

Kids Yoga

Tween Yoga

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Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is designed to help you build strength and flexibility in your spine and find greater ease through your hips and shoulders. You will learn how to improve balance, increase energy and soothe stress by using moderate movement, simple breath practices and meditation. 

Appropriate for all levels of experience. Thurs. @ 11am 

Mats Like Mirrors: Yoga for Big Bodies

This class is an invitation for people that identify as fat (large, chubby, voluptuous, curvy...etc) to celebrate their bodies as they are in this moment in community with others. Students are invited to give themselves permission to go deep, be curious and discover what gifts your body is offering you in this moment. Meditation, chanting, joyful movement, and sharing space with other like-minded folks may occur. 

Join Kate in a yoga practice that welcomes you, a perfectly imperfect human, to move, laugh, shift, and make space for all that you are.

Friday @9:30am (Begins Sept. 6)

Music, Yoga, Soul: Yoga for POC

A Yoga-inspired movement class set against the tropical and sensual Afro/Brazilian/Latin/Wold Beats. This is about connecting to the deeper parts of you that are asking to be seen, heard and honored.  

Monday @7:15pm 

Prana Vinyasa

This  practice will increase strength, stamina, and flexibility both physically and mentally. Focus will be on connection to breath and conscious, fluid movement, as well as attention to mindset to prepare you for life off of the mat.

Great for all levels of experience. You will be encouraged to honor exactly where you are, while curious about your edge between enough and too much. 

Tuesday and Thursday @ 6pm, Wednesday @7:15pm, Thursday @ 9:30am.

Prenatal Yoga

Whether we talk about the physical, energetic or emotional body, prenatal yoga is a key ingredient to a healthy, happy pregnancy. A regular practice can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, decrease lower back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath, and create community. There is a magic that happens when pregnant women come together and share space with one another, moving and breathing together, talking and supporting one another. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, yoga is safe and encouraged during pregnancy. Give yourself this gift of connecting with other pregnant women, building strength, breathing, and relaxing!

Wednesday @5:45pm (Begins Aug. 28)

Slow Flow

In this class, movement is synchronized with breath in a smooth, flowing way. Ranging from a gentle and therapeutic pace to a mildly vigorous practice, you will be supported by sequences linked together by complimentary poses and the option to gently explore your edge. By moving slowly and holding postures for several breaths, you will build strength and increase flexibility through focused movements, allowing your body to deepen into a stretch or pause in strengthening poses. Pranayama (Breathing) exercise are interspersed throughout to cultivate prana and enhance your health and wellness on and off the mat.  Monday @6pm