Kari Parker

 Kari is an ex-athlete and 20 year veteran of corporate America. During some major life struggles, she found the positive impact of a daily yoga practice and she never looked back. Kari has received two 200 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training certifications, completed an 8 month apprenticeship studying Yin and Restorative yoga, is a certified Yoga Nidra teacher as well as a Reiki energy healer. Kari teaches creative and thoughtfully-sequenced classes that will leave you strong, empowered and grounded. She wants you to feel challenged yet safe in an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere where you can laugh, ask questions, cry, sing, take a break, modify as much as you want and need, and be unapologetically you.

Prana Vinyasa, Tuesday & Thursday @6pm


Michele Ashley

Michele, RYT200 uses her platform as a Yoga Teacher to inspire, encourage and empower her students to feel safe in their bodies, explore a deeper conscious awareness of the energetic power they hold within, and guide them on their own journey of self-exploration and self-realization to becoming more grounded, more aligned with their authentic self and the power of their own voice for both personal and professional purposes. She is passionate about health, healing and wellness from a heart-centered perspective that incorporates mindfulness techniques, breath work and honest and open dialogue.   

Music, Yoga, Soul, Monday @7:15pm (beginning August 12)


Timothy Burgin

  With over 20 years of experience in the practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation, Timothy guides his students deep into the experience of yoga by creating a supportive environment, by giving clear precise instruction, and by providing safe, gentle assists. Through variations and modifications of the poses and practices, Timothy teaches to the individual student and guides him or her with the appropriate amount of challenge and intensity for their level and ability. Timothy’s extensive training in acupuncture, bodywork, yoga energetics, anatomy and physiology guides his application and practice of yoga therapeutics. To learn more about Timothy, visit https://www.yogitim.com

Slow Flow, Monday @6pm


Jazmin Francesca

Jazmin embodies a yoga practice that is at the intersection of holistic wellness and social justice activism. Her yoga practice, is diverse and ever-evolving. In the past five years, yoga played a significant role in her personal development and transformation. Jazmin believes disciplined empathy for yourself,  will change how you show up in the world.

As a native of Western North Carolina, Jazmin is passionate about supporting all communities, including those communities who often have limited access to personal care and holistic resources.  It is her intention to build bridges, weaving among diverse groups, Jazmin empowers people to cultivate a more holistic relationship to themselves and the Earth. Meditation and yoga are the practices she utilizes to embody actions for radical personal and collective transformation. 

Community Care Yoga, Thursday @ 7:15pm  

*Beginning Sept. 5


Kate Smith

Kate  is a Certified Children's Yoga teacher in the Asheville area. She specializes in offering emotional resilience and self awareness skills through yoga, games, mindfulness, song, and play. Her classes provide a safe atmosphere for children and caregivers to learn, explore, and build community. She hopes to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere and believes that a more mindful generation can change the world.

Baby & Me, Tuesday @10am-10:45am

Toddler Yoga, Tuesday @11am-11:45am

Kids Yoga, Thursday @3:30pm-4:30pm

Tween Yoga, Thursday @4:45pm-5:45pm

*Beginning August 27


Kate Mosher

Kate began practicing yoga in 2000, after writing it on her New Year’s resolutions list. She thought it would help her to lose weight and become a human pretzel. Neither of those things happened, but she did find it helped her to turn down the volume on the mean girl in her head.  After a long affair with hot yoga, Kate took a break from her mat to become a mama. She found her way back through classes at the Y, where she met a teacher who looked like her. It was revolutionary for her to see a fat woman teach yoga. Her home practice grew and then she found her way to yoga teacher training in the summer of 2018. Kate is passionate about body liberation, social justice, feminism, and yoga. 

Mats Like Mirrors, Friday @9:30am (beginning Sept. 6)


Melissa Bertenthal

Melissa is a mother of four, a kayaker, activist, athlete, maker, lover of the outdoors and owner of EVERYBODY Yoga. She has been practicing yoga since the mid-90's and teaching since 2009.  Melissa's approach to yoga is modern, inclusive and based on the desire to meet every student where they are at.  Melissa encourages a playful flirtation with the edge of comfort, creating a safe and supportive space for physical and mental expansion. All of Melissa's classes are open to everybody, regardless of shape, size, age, flexibility or athleticism.

Prana Vinyasa Tuesday/Thurs @9:30am, Gentle Yoga, Tuesday & Thurs @11am, Align & Unwind @7:15pm


Anastasia Bartlett

I am a Certified 250 hour Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer, as well as a Holistic Health Coach.  I have been a Surrogate Mother for three of my five pregnancies. I love being pregnant and enjoyed pregnancy, but I also understand the ups and downs of the process and journey of becoming parents. My journey has come full circle, and I’m honored to share yoga with the mamas (and partners, and friends, and any support people) of the Asheville area. Teaching Prenatal Yoga has been such a beautiful honor and I love getting to soak up all the juicy mama love and energy. One of the biggest lessons yoga has taught me is to come back to my breath and breathe through the tight and uncomfortable spots, whether in a pose or in the world and especially as a Mama! It is a privilege to be a part of this amazing and empowering community, and it continues to be an honor to support the mamas of the world in any way I can.


Kelly Golden

Kelly, E-RYT 500 & Level 1 Para Yoga Certified Teacher, is the Founder and Director of Vira Bhava Yoga, and a lifetime practitioner of Yoga. She began practicing Yoga in 1994 and teaching in 2002. She leads teacher trainings all over the United States that emphasizes the power and capacity of each individual student to develop their own voice, trust their own path, and share Yoga as a power, rather than the perfection of asana (postures). She studies ParaYoga with Yogarupa Rod Stryker and also studies with Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten. In today's Yoga World, she is an industry disruptor who works to redefine Yoga as a path of re-unification with the innate essence within and without and apply this unity in the life as it is. Kelly teaches that Yoga isn't something you do, it's who you are at your core, and the practice of yoga is simply meant to re-unite you with that confidence.